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400 Washington St. Suite 102
Braintree, MA 02184


Automobile Injuries:

The trauma experienced from automobile collisions should be addressed as soon after the incident as possible.  Reestablishing normal joint and soft tissue relationships can prevent degenerative changes from occurring months or years in the future.  Certain activities and exercise attempted too soon after an injury can establish long-term pain patterns, easily avoided with proper treatment planning.  Braintree Chiropractic can assist the patient both in early treatment and timing proper introduction of effective exercise and activity programs.  Additionally these type incidents frequently require more complex third-party reporting, which this office has experience in coordinating with both attorneys and insurance carriers.

Work related injuries:

On-the-job injury can be damaging both physically and economically.  The goal of our office in developing treatment plans is to return our patient back to normal activity and work by first restoring their health and functional capacity in as short a time period as possible, yet reducing the risk of re-injury which could only risk further patient absence from work.  For many jobs a drug-free approach assures the patient will be able to function maximally in work activity requiring full and alert mental and physical functions.